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Distributor of MK Diamond products

AJ&B has been an authorized and trusted distributor of MK Diamond products for over 20 years. After such extensive experience handling these unique products, we have become experts on MK Diamond and all it has to offer. Not only do we effortlessly know our way around this equipment, but we also have full access to any MK Diamond part you may need. We take pride in our wide variety of products, and our ability to obtain any part you need. Whether you need a part that is new or old, we are the best distributor for the task. We aim to find exactly what you need, when you need it!

We offer the best prices and personal customer service, compared to all other MK Diamond distributors. IF you need a tile saw for your commercial job, or a portable saw for your bathroom remodel, we have the part you need. MK Diamond saws are our specialty! If you need help choosing the right saw or MK Diamond blade, give us a call right away. We are here to answer all your questions. You should also know we are constantly adding products to our website. Every day you can find something new! If MK Diamond makes it, then we sell it. Browse our catalog online today!

Are you in need of any replacement parts?

We offer replacement parts for saws, blades, equipment and accessories for tile, stone, masonry, concrete, coring, lapidary, surface prep and more.

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