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MK Diamond blades and more!

AJ&B is an authorized distributor of MK Diamond products. We have proudly carried this name brand for over 20 years to clients all over. With industry and application expertise on our side, we have been able to successfully provide clients with the right products for their needs. We have a thorough and extensive depth of product line and applications. We take pride in being one of the few distributors who carries the entire MK Diamond catalog. Even if you do not see an MK Diamond product on our site, simply give us a call and we will get it for you. Whether you want a new or older product, we are bound to have it.

AJ&B offers top tier products from the MK line at the best prices. Our competitive pricing and low shipping costs are one of our valued customer’s favorite things. Our team has one goal in mind: to give you all the best MK products without breaking your budget. We are just 40 miles from the factory, which allows us to deliver your low-cost products faster than any other MK Diamond distributor. We ship both locally and nationwide.

Customer service is one of our biggest priorities at AJ&B. We are always happy to hear from our customers, whether they have questions, feedback or concerns. Our team is here to help! For new purchases, replacement parts, blades and accessories, you can reach us via phone.

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