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Stone & Masonry

Stone masonry by MK Diamond

AJ&B is a proud licensed distributor of MK Diamond equipment. We sell tools and equipment, such as stone and masonry directly from MK Diamond. Our stone and masonry products are natural and include manufactured stone, bricks, paving stones, cinder blocks and more. We have new equipment, as well as replacement parts. AJ&B has been the most trusted and reliable distributor of MKD for over 20 years. Because we are just 40 miles from the manufacturer, our turnaround time is incredibly fast. We also have the lowest shipping costs! Our pricing is always fair, honest and competitive.

When it comes to parts and replacements, we are your best solution. We have both light to heavy duty saws, blades and accessories for cutting all types of tiles. We also carry blades for ceramic and blades for porcelain cutting. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all our choices, just remember we are the experts! Call one of our team members and we will get you the correct equipment in no time. Whether you know exactly what you need or not, we are here for you every step of the way. Our team is made up of MKD experts. Our guidance and friendly service is something we are known for. So, get in touch with us today so that we can get you the equipment you need right away!